For those who are small and undertake, a hail Mary!

Meio corpo de uma pessoa a agarrar numa imagem de Nossa Senhora e com tshirt vestida onde se vêem várias fotografias estampadas.

Being “creator” is in fashion, it’s difficult but it’s also rewarding.

Being a creator is somehow able to imagine God, who is the only true creator, to create something out of nowhere.

And the best of all, is knowing that we can take anything He created, and turn into something – even more – beautiful.

And, there is Faith to balance what we feel so much with the much we do.
Because being a creator is not what you often think.

Be fooled who thinks that living from a dream of creating is to live only from the dream: there are many challenges for those who risk living it, especially, to those who risk also, with him, to contribute something to the world, at the same time that the own world is changing.

Creating your dream requires a lot, a lot of courage, because it is not only of love that he is made.

A dream is made of many fights, many comparisons, many nights poorly sleeps, a lot of sweat. Oh, and let’s not forget that even the “right way” to edit photos we do not know!

And then there are the problems: the feeling that we are lonely, the stumble of those who are still learning, the high accounts, the mistakes… all problems of those who walk in the persistence of what they feel and want to try someone.
Yes, in days of fatigue this is what it feels like.

But in days like this we also think it’s God reminding us that there are things that happen to us to remind us of the importance of what we are creating!

There is always something that happens to us to remember that it is important what we are doing: a client – who becomes a friend -, a hug, a message. And, who reminds us how beautiful our dream is: of its value, its mission and purpose, of what has already been conquered and what is still to conquer.

However, going through this process really makes us appreciate and admire anyone else who creates things (whatever! ), because we also pass and we are passing.
We learn that the focus on the process is important, and that every step forward or every fall is also important.

Never to forget: as long as we are fighting, let the faith remain in us, joy and gratitude. So that never misses hard work to those who don’t give up, but especially never misses strength in the hands of those who do it with & for love!

We write because sometimes it takes an extra dose of strength to give gas in the courage to (re)start.

Embrace yourself in these words.
Renew yourself and don’t give up.


Sofia Neves Treze | Adereços Religiosos.

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