Make faith colorful

In everyday life there are some challenges that cross paths. It takes all of strength and courage to handle it.

By faith in God and by love, make faith colorful!

When looking at this amulet set, dedicated to the youngest, we know that, through the inexplicable magic of life, gifts are created that help to embrace these challenges and make them believe.

With joy and hope we present the set “make faith colorful”. A set that, like the future, brings with it infinite possibilities to dress the soul in color.

“dress the soul in color with the tones of the gifts about everything that lives: rejoice, hope, fall in love, and more, of a peace-white wherever you go use the color to believe.”

Made through artisanal techniques, with the usual delicacy, it reminds us daily that the days of tomorrow are already beckoning us and will be to use the color of belief.

Treze, 2023.

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