We ARE transfromed

As we celebrate the time of Lent, March comes to us. Let’s go on the 2th and this is the time of excellence to dive into our prayers. And can we dive? Do that jump launched and advanced into the interior “self” to get involved? Time is also transformation, remember

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Prayers unite hearts

  You pray on one side to find someone. And on the other side someone prays to find you. Purposes come together, not people. Whatever it is to be will happen at the right time. To keep growing your faith, we hope you have read this #encouragingdays to the end

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Frase inspiradora: Era um lugar de sonhos.

It was a place of dreams

We are completely inspired by G. K. Chesterton and his best Christmas poem. Especially at this time of year we should be like children who feel and trust the magic of these days. G. K. Chesterton was a Catholic journalist and also a spiritual writer with a great love for Christmas. Although with a giant

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Frase inspiradora: Frutífero mês de novembro.

Fruitful month of november

It was sunday night, the end of another month approaching, which may bring some anxiety about the new one coming next friday. * So we thought about it and at the same time offered our time to God. “We offer You this month that is ending and that next month will be fruitful. Let us

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Frase motivacional: Reza o terço pelos teus amigos.

Pray the Rosary, pray for your friends

We all face spiritual battles. Praying for our friends is so important. Because sometimes they fight battles they never speak about. Make sure they are covered. Pray the Rosary. Pray for your friends. Are you praying for those that you love? We hope you have read this #encouragingdays and that you remember him always. Every

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Chamada para acção: Mantém os teus olhos fixos.

Keep your eyes fixed

The recipe for a good month? Do everything with the intention of glorifying God. Invite Jesus every day and activity – every meeting, email, interaction with co-workers, clients and friends … If you still face challenges and fight for certain projects? Probably. But you can do this with peace in your heart, knowing that Jesus

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Nota: Deixem-nos (re)começar.

Let Us Begin

Thank you very much, and always, to whom until today has accompanied the #encouragingdays to all wednesdays. We inspire good energies and give back to the world! Now, we want to make more sense to our days and live longer, and slower without this hurry that hurries us. We want to let it flow because

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Lembrete: Não faz mal estar offline.

It’s OK to be OffLine

Sometimes we become obsessed with the productivity and regularity with which we communicate in the online world. We are constantly busy and many of us spend more than 50 hours a week working. Do you know that your real value is not how much you produce? It’s nice to have time to get away from

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Frase motivacional: Continua.

Keep on…

Keep hoping. Keep dreaming. Keep doing. You are capable of incredible things, but they do not happen by themselves. Keep taking steps forward. Believe in yourself, because you can. We hope you have read this #encouragingdays and that you remember him always. Every day and every hour. Treze | Adereços Religiosos

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