When there is love

The last week was challenging but at the same time moving and tense. I needed a break *. But, these days someone said this to me: “When there is love, everything comes together.” I wrote in my sketchbook, random drawings, phone numbers, passwords, cooking recipes, future ideas, phones from new local and / or

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Prayers unite hearts

  You pray on one side to find someone. And on the other side someone prays to find you. Purposes come together, not people. Whatever it is to be will happen at the right time. To keep growing your faith, we hope you have read this #encouragingdays to the end

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Revelação: A mudança pode ser bonita.

A mudança pode ser bonita

Hoje, parece que a Primavera está, definitivamente, aqui! Nós achamos que esta é a nossa estação preferida. Os dias são mais leves, o céu mais brilhante, a parecer transformador. Até parece tornar-se tudo mais fácil quando o sol brilha e as árvores estão cheias de flores. A mudança muitas vezes deixa-nos um bocado ansiosos e

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Fotografia à camisola da oitava caminhada pela Paz, em Fátima.

Walk for Peace 2019

This year, we have returned to participate. We believe that in the service of humanity, rooted in the so-called duty and in our mission, we gain for the pleasure of participation and the desire for good deeds. The goal is to promote peace, understanding and goodwill among people from all walks of life. The 2019

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