Believe in what you pray for

The day of the Santa Monica party was about 4 days ago! She was a powerful and intercessory mother for her son (Saint Augustine of Hipona) and family. She is the patron saint of married women, mothers and victims of abuse and alcoholics (so there are many reasons to love her). I think the most

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Sonha, planeia, reza e faz

No princípio, Deus criou. //Gênesis 1:1 Este mês, oramos e contemplamos Deus como criador: Aquele que fez os céus e a terra, e a ti. Eu tenho pensado em como Ele nos criou para ser alma E corpo fundidos. Ambos são bons e ajudam a outra metade – a crescer! Também estou a praticar maravilhar-me

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When there is love

The last week was challenging but at the same time moving and tense. I needed a break *. But, these days someone said this to me: “When there is love, everything comes together.” I wrote in my sketchbook, random drawings, phone numbers, passwords, cooking recipes, future ideas, phones from new local and / or

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Aleluia, Aleluia

Never has someone so big become so small to make the little ones big. Let there be emotion! What love is greatest divided. Aleluia, Aleluia to renew this minute not only ours, but also the faith of so many more. In order for you to continue to grow your faith, we hope that you have

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We ARE transfromed

As we celebrate the time of Lent, March comes to us. Let’s go on the 2th and this is the time of excellence to dive into our prayers. And can we dive? Do that jump launched and advanced into the interior “self” to get involved? Time is also transformation, remember

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Prayers unite hearts

  You pray on one side to find someone. And on the other side someone prays to find you. Purposes come together, not people. Whatever it is to be will happen at the right time. To keep growing your faith, we hope you have read this #encouragingdays to the end

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Imagem de Nossa Senhora de Fátima, com cartão Obrigado e mão a segurar decalque de parede com inscrição Faith Always e Amor de Mãe

After a long journey

“Everyone who heard was amazed by what the pastors told them” (Luke 2:18) We remember Pope Francis’s 1 January 2019 homily – the long journey that was 2019 – to kick off this new year we started today, here at Treze. Surprise you: that’s what we are asked today, at the end of Christmas, on

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Frase inspiradora: Era um lugar de sonhos.

It was a place of dreams

We are completely inspired by G. K. Chesterton and his best Christmas poem. Especially at this time of year we should be like children who feel and trust the magic of these days. G. K. Chesterton was a Catholic journalist and also a spiritual writer with a great love for Christmas. Although with a giant

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Mesa de noivos, bem decorada, com velas e um Santo António.

Small things grow with love

Before we make a piece, everything is dust. A handful of dust in a bag. But when we turn this powder into mass, when we work the dough into a mold, things come together and assume a whole new meaning. They gain a greater purpose and invite us to enter love stories. We don’t know

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Frase inspiradora: Frutífero mês de novembro.

Fruitful month of november

It was sunday night, the end of another month approaching, which may bring some anxiety about the new one coming next friday. * So we thought about it and at the same time offered our time to God. “We offer You this month that is ending and that next month will be fruitful. Let us

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