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Treze’s affective art was born from the urgent need to vent feelings, tell stories and share experiences. It was designed to give meaning to moments lived as singular and plural as our own essence, coloring in pieces everything that we cannot always touch. Make “feel” a “feel forever”.

It is through handmade – where colors, values and emotions are merged one by one, with the knowledge of handcrafted techniques – that instants become tangible, making colorful fragments of a process that above all celebrate #handmade and #madeinportugal, and that very much resemble
our history and our path: as a unique brand, like each one of us.

All the pieces are manufactured color by color by the hands of Sofia – founder of the brand -, Luísa and Armando, who are head, body and soul, heart and the belief behind the brand. No piece comes
out like the other, because here there is no perfection, because the flaws are part of who we are.

From the various bench techniques used to work this art, from casting to finishing and sending pieces, everything is thought and developed by hands that believe that through affective art it is possible to materialize time-space and eternalize what makes us to feel.

At Treze we do it with love, we do it with soul and we do it with #faithwithcolor, since 2015.

Sofia Neves,

#faithwithcolor #keepongrowingyourfaith


Rua Casal Ramalho, nº13, Lombo d´Égua, apartado 69
2495-630 Fátima, Portugal


Phone Number: (+351) 914079271 – mobile call