Small things grow with love

Mesa de noivos, bem decorada, com velas e um Santo António.

Before we make a piece, everything is dust. A handful of dust in a bag.

But when we turn this powder into mass, when we work the dough into a mold, things come together and assume a whole new meaning.

They gain a greater purpose and invite us to enter love stories.

We don’t know how Tania’s love story grew * with her boyfriend (currently husband), but we know that our story with Tania has grown beyond a sharing of knowledge (we met Tania in a training in Lisbon) and when we feel she is Love between us is reason to celebrate.

The Newlyweds sought our art to be a witness in the faith and love that unites them. Images of Saint Anthony in orange color and added images of Saint Anthony in blue and lilac.

We did a custom work with love and exclusive art for this story.
Our love got out of here and found a lot.
It’s like a new alliance has formed.

Individually it can be difficult to accomplish a lot (the dust alone is nothing), but when we join and celebrate the gifts of life we are better and stronger.

Sometimes our heart is flooded by our smallness or how common we are, but of the small thing we could be, we have been put a giant heart in it.

Tania celebrated her love in July and joined in communion also with us.

Thank you for allowing us to have lived in community and with you that day.

Photo gently provided by Tânia Areias
Photo gently provided by Tânia Areias
Photo gently provided by Tânia Areias

Today we do many custom works, with faith, love and art exclusive for every story (who is interested, just write asking for information to; it is a pride to help shape the feeling.

*another Tania in our history. This time, Tânia Areias.
Oh, and congratulations, today, on the 4 months wedding anniversary.

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