Lembrete: é verão, não te esqueças de também dar cor à tua alma.

JPII spoke deeply about the theology of our bodies. It tells us that it is our bodies that give us the ability to allow ourselves to experience the Trinity’s magnificence, unity, ecstasy, and fulfillment.

Physical intimacy is one of the greatest ways to touch the Divine.

When we are close to someone, there is a vulnerability that we feel and cannot live with anyone else.

It’s not just about exposing our bodies, it’s about exposing our soul and spirit as well.

Disguises and masks have no place here.

We have become a total gift. Our whole being becomes present.

It is one of the most sublime gifts God has given us.

Physical intimacy teaches us how to be with God: no masks and no pretending.

Our soul and body keep no secrets. There is nothing more rewarding in life.

Open your body, your soul and spirit, and give it color!

We hope you have read this #encouragingdays and that you will always remember it. Every day and every hour.

Treze | Adereços Religiosos

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