What’s your favorite day?

Perhaps because it is considered the first day of the week or perhaps because it is the day that is dedicated to the sun.

Of all the days of the week we have, Sunday has been by far the favorite, and probably always will be.

We do not know where in the world you are but we want sunshine. In the soul. In the eyes. Sun that lights and warms our inside out. Sun! Energy!

On Sunday the day begins. The week begins, and it all begins again.

And every morning you need to be willing, you have to intention, you have to start the engines to follow and make it happen.

Try to be fertile, and to any presence other than yourself; far beyond places, places, villages, towns, cities, countries or continents…

Because beyond the geography that we are and the map that we are walking, what we want is that the temperature that humanizes us prevails and remains.

Lets be this beautiful sun in the avenues of days.

We hope you have read this #encouragingdays and that you remember him always. Every day and every hour.

Treze | Adereços Religiosos.

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