The last week was challenging but at the same time moving and tense. I needed a break *.

But, these days someone said this to me:

“When there is love, everything comes together.” I wrote in my sketchbook, random drawings, phone numbers, passwords, cooking recipes, future ideas, phones from new local and / or neighboring businesses, so as not to forget. And today is Tuesday again, but it is sunny outside and everything is calmer, quiet and bright inside. And so I decided that this would be #encouragingdays for the month of June, and also publish it so that it reaches someone who also needs to read and / or listen and / or pass this on. When there is love, everything comes together! If you liked this #encouragingdays you can even use it to send or share it with whomever you choose. And so we can continue to give our love to those who need hope and encouragement.


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My place is where I want to land.
Color Inspiration.
Whenever I can I will talk about love.
Color Inspiration.

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