At Treze we are Faith with color – part I

Vê-se meio corpo de uma pessoa sentada numa mesa com imagens religiosas ao seu lado.

Whatever a family business, there is always – almost always – the desire to perpetuate it.

That was almost how Treze was born.

The owners of a factory of traditional religious figures wanted the daughter to take care of the family business, but … like any other young person, there are always – almost always – other goals.

Treze had a troubled start, full of pauses and new challenges. The idea came up almost six years ago. With a deep desire to innovate in the market, to give a new image to the offer of religious articles, giving rise to ancient values, but well present in the needs of the present day.

In a palette in pastel and rainbow colors, it is where the process of creation and production of these articles that transmit these values ​​is based. As pieces of design to reinforce Christian concepts, the practice of prayer is promoted, sometimes even to those who are not religious! And the great difference of the images produced by us, is that they have color but they are not painted! But this, we think it will be good to share with you another day.


Treze | Adereços Religiosos

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