We Uptade Our Site

Mudar de sítio

We already realized that we had to change, to do something different … and this was the time we thought was ideal for that. We want to tell our story and share our moments and our expression even more. We are filled with gratitude whenever we narrate our path that is being written to so many hands and hearts – we include you there on that side!

That’s why we present the news!

A new site of Treze-Adereços Religiosos®, where in addition to being able to know even more about us, and to know the new online store, we added the Blog where you can read the real stories that inspire our stories, where we present some friends and where we’ll share some offers with you. This Blog will follow a free path. We will not make appointments nor hours for new articles, even because we want this place to become genuine!


Treze | Adereços Religiosos

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