It’s OK to be OffLine

Lembrete: Não faz mal estar offline.

Sometimes we become obsessed with the productivity and regularity with which we communicate in the online world. We are constantly busy and many of us spend more than 50 hours a week working.

Do you know that your real value is not how much you produce?

It’s nice to have time to get away from the pressure of notifications and messages, and it’s okay to let your life take over.

After all, just because we can be or be accessible and sociable online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that does not mean we have to be.

It’s good, it’s important and it tastes good to center our minds and hearts to find our real value. And, after doing this we can focus more on the ways in which we can actually be more productive with our time each day.

And when we’re ready to go back online, we’ll be back!

We hope you have read this #encouragingdays and that you remember him always. Every day and every hour.

Treze | Adereços Religiosos

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