Uncertainty is overwhelming and leaves us with more questions than answers. This makes us wonder if we are going in the right direction. It makes us wonder if we should try to move forward and / or try again, or if we should wait and learn a little more. This is all forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards, like waves bobbing in a tireless sea.

But for everything that has changed and everything that has remained, for every confused feeling and all the words that have not been said, we are still being led into the arms of limitless peace … allowing us to rest, take a deep breath, cheer up and move on.

For in all that is missing, we must not miss the opportunity to have hope … to have hope that: we have not yet seen everything we should see. We still don’t know a whole world that we should know. We haven’t done all the things we should be doing yet. We have not yet traveled to all the places we should be traveling to. We’ve seen the ocean a lot, but there are still more depths.

Treze at at @casazulstudio through the eyes of @100iso

Take heart, breathe deep.
You are far from finished yet.

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