We ARE transfromed

As we celebrate the time of Lent, March comes to us. Let’s go on the 2th and this is the time of excellence to dive into our prayers.

And can we dive?
Do that jump launched and advanced into the interior “self” to get involved?

Time is also transformation, remember this, so we believe so.

And how?

Enjoy the wave of minimalist practices.
We leave you two tips:
1 – Stop, breathe and pray.
We’ve been enjoying the first minute of the morning, as soon as we wake up, to read a positive sentence that awakens us for the rest of the day that awaits. From time to time we also wake up with a bold phrase ” hi, so how you’re doing?!” and we automatically start answering our – good – morning.
2 – Connect earlier with you.
For example, turn off your phone notifications at night when you come home after your crazy day at work and spend the rest of the day with you. Pray and behold your time.
Around here, we have also transformed some ideas that are appearing in our imagination, we materialize them and celebrate this renewal with our prayers.

We pray that all of you can have pleasant moments in this lent and allow yourself to become what you need to BE.

To keep on growing your faith, we hope you have read this #encouragingdays ’til the end and remember it always, every day and every hour.


Treze | Adereços Religiosos

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