After a long journey

Imagem de Nossa Senhora de Fátima, com cartão Obrigado e mão a segurar decalque de parede com inscrição Faith Always e Amor de Mãe

“Everyone who heard was amazed by what the pastors told them” (Luke 2:18)

We remember Pope Francis’s 1 January 2019 homily – the long journey that was 2019 – to kick off this new year we started today, here at Treze.

Surprise you: that’s what we are asked today, at the end of Christmas, on this King’s Day, known as the Feast of Epiphany, as we continue to contemplate the Child born to us, without everything that still exists in abundance.

And because we have another long trip to do, welcome 2020!

“Awe is what we must feel at the beginning of each year, for life is a gift that constantly gives us the chance to start again, even in the most humble circumstances.

At the beginning of the year, we gave Mary the grace of marvel with the God of surprises. Let’s renew the wonder we felt when faith was born in us. The Mother of God helps us: the mother who gave birth to the Lord, now presents us, reborn, to the Lord. She is a mother who generates in children the awe of faith, because faith is a date, not a religion. Without Awe, life becomes monotonous and routine, and the same goes for faith.
Let’s let ourselves contemplate. Especially in times of need, when we are tangled in the knots of life, we raise our eyes with reason for our lady, for our However, first, we must let ourselves contemplate for our lady. When she looks at us, she doesn’t see sinners, but children. They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul; Mary’s eyes, full of grace, reflect the beauty of God, they show us a reflection of the sky.”
– Pope Francis, 1 January 2019

If we lose the sense of worship, we lack the sense of march of Christian life, which is a way, so by starting this new journey, we will discover worship as a demand of faith.

In Life, sometimes we lose a little along the way.
But the important thing is to know how to re-write
May faith and poetry remain.

Loving is a gesture of love that changes life.

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