After Pentecost Sunday and the one that precedes that of Corpus Christi, today, we celebrate Trinity Sunday. This day consists of the commemoration of the Christian dogma of the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the mystery of the worship of God one in nature and triune in number of persons.

But what does this mean?

This means that, through the Trinity, one God is manifested in three persons: the Creator Father, the savior Son generated by the Father, and the Holy Spirit generated by the Father and Son who sanctifies Man.

And do you know what prayer came from here?

It was the prayer we know well: “in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”, with which a person is baptized and with which a Mass, liturgical services and sacraments begin and end.

“For us, this is a beautiful model that Man too must follow: the model of the Trinity! Sharing, participation and love.”

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Speaking of tradition, sharing, participation and love, we also have the tradition of the Throne to Saint Anthony as a good example! Surely you’ve heard of it.

The story goes that this tradition is thought to have started after the 1755 earthquake, when the Church of Santo António, in Lisbon, was partially destroyed. He is a saint that is particularly dear to the people of Lisbon (and you can understand why!), and Santo António could not be without a home. Hence the need to ask for “a penny for Santo António” and raise funds to rebuild the church.

These thrones, which were initially more or less faithful replicas of the altar of the Church of Santo António, emerged from meetings of many popular people and today have a very special place in the courtyards of the houses, or at the entrances of the houses, becoming an incentive for the community to participate and love this figure, whether in a religious and/or cultural way!

Saint worldwide known for interceding for those who want to find the love of life or to resolve conflicts with the loved one. In addition, Saint Anthony is also the patron saint of the poor and helps people find lost objects. As long as they are prayed with faith and with the intention of a spiritual benefit, prayers to Saint Anthony promise not to fail! Available in 3 sizes and 7 colors, here.

May our different places of life – family, work, neighborhood – become true “love homes”: without pretense, but in the image of the Trinity!

Treze, 2022.

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