“Praying with the saints” – what does it mean?

So many that we are “praying with the saints” but is it allowed to “pray to the saints”? Of course yes! Because we can feel closer to our humanity and motivated to pray.

However, as important as knowing the correct answer is understanding why it is the correct one and what are the own doubts that arise when this question is raised.

All Saints’ Day was celebrated this week and we remember that there are wonderful prayers dedicated to them and each saint is traditionally associated with a cause, with a particular objective.

For example, Thérèse des Lisieux takes care of our soul, always nourishing our inner world, as it is an essential task that routine often makes us forget. Saint Joseph is the patron of carpenters, parents and social justice, treasurers, engineers, home-seekers and manual workers. Saint Anthony is the saint known worldwide for interceding for those who want to find the love of life or to resolve conflicts with the loved one, as well as being the patron saint of the poor and helping people to find lost objects.

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On All Saints’ Day it is common to ask them to pray for us through the “litanies” of the saints or to pray to the guardian angel, in order to invoke him and place us under his protection, in a morning prayer or in a tone of thanks in a prayer before going to bed.

Thus, “praying with the saints” means that it is by praying to saints that we get the attention of the divine force. Saints can also be models for us and inspire us in our daily lives.

Treze, 2022.

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