It was a place of dreams

Frase inspiradora: Era um lugar de sonhos.

We are completely inspired by G. K. Chesterton and his best Christmas poem.

Especially at this time of year we should be like children who feel and trust the magic of these days.

G. K. Chesterton was a Catholic journalist and also a spiritual writer with a great love for Christmas. Although with a giant intellect, on this court he focused on simplicity.

We got to know the best poem about Christmas and, we feel that we found a new vision that helps us appreciate this celebration even more: the simple and beautiful poem called “The Wise Men”.

We were reminded of how the world is really mind-blowing and how the universe is a great, wonderful place and sometimes and at the same time, strange.

Chesterton writes:
” we are The Three Wise.”
Just like the wise men who left to find the new born King, whose sign was the star in the sky, also our faith means that we are always looking for and that we must always be open-minded – like children who feel and trust.

This is a truth that is usually revealed to us in these days and it is in the feeling that we live from when we were children.

Without fail, this experience returns and no matter how old you are.

Today, we can be children again.

We leave Chesterton’s poem in two versions: the written version and the audio version.

And, let’s celebrate without stopping thanking the strength of a truth: the importance of wishing and fulfilling the desire, not only of values, but feelings and humanity, and the beautiful infinite that is to exist.

Find your star shining here.

We hope you read this #encouragingdays and remember it always. Every day and every hour.

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