Believe in what you pray for

The day of the Santa Monica party was about 4 days ago!

She was a powerful and intercessory mother for her son (Saint Augustine of Hipona) and family. She is the patron saint of married women, mothers and victims of abuse and alcoholics (so there are many reasons to love her).

I think the most incredible testimony of Santa Monica’s life is that she prayed and cried, felt the whole spectrum of emotions, for her son, husband and mother-in-law. Not only did she pray for their conversion, but she strove to love them and often felt profound sadness and discouragement. She had a hard time believing that her prayers would mean anything. But she was persistent in her prayer for the conversion of her son’s heart for 17 YEARS, and now he is a saint too (17 years is a long time to be persistent in prayer !!).

I have never prayed for anything with such commitment in my life. And more than that, when I pray, most of the time, deep down, it seems that I don’t really believe that much that God is powerful enough to make things happen.

I have come across some people who have hurt me, or hurt those I love, unable to see beyond their own hardness of heart. And honestly, I usually give up on them. I create a border and limit contact with them. Very rarely do I seriously pray for them but I BELIEVE that God can bring healing to their hearts. I brought mine, so … September starts today and I’ve heard that September brings change, so let’s all hold hands and pray for everyone we love or have ever loved.

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Sofia, Treze | Adereços Religiosos

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