“The magic of numbers and faith.” – by Ana Raquel, Numerology & Reconnection

Hi, I’m Ana Raquel and I feel like a free spirit who embraces a purpose of love. I consider myself passionate about the simplicity of life and a lover of nature and I feel that I flow between periods of greater introspection and others, of intense expansion and connection with the other.

I believe in a world where love can have a greater place and I feel that each of us is a powerful agent of transformation and contribution. I also believe in infinite possibilities and today I feel that life is a blessing that can be embraced with great gratitude and enthusiasm. Oh and, perhaps, with greater kindness and lightness, because how many times do we find ourselves complicating and in search of great and complex purposes when, after all, perhaps, we can embrace a simpler service of love that contributes to our brief passage through here don’t be so… heavy.

Of course, today, I say and feel very sorry for all of this, quite possibly, for all the investment I have been making in my self-knowledge and personal development, as well as for all the people who have already helped and inspired me to believe in this possibility. to live in greater connection and inner freedom. And it is in this connection and freedom of Being that I have found and find a very powerful state of flow. Even if the path is not linear or easy or as accessible as it may seem, it is a possible path because even in the most challenging and painful moments, with the right tools and the support of the right people, we can embrace such greater lightness. And, after all, that makes a lot of difference, doesn’t it?

Photography by @florescer.com.pt

On the other hand, I feel that the more I get to know myself, the more I heal parts of myself that only ask for love, and in doing so, the greater power of responsibility I embrace, for the sake of a life I really want to live. And I believe that it is precisely by bringing all of our parts to our consciousness, with kindness and love, that we can accept, care for and channel them… for the greater good. So, how does numerology enter my life and how do I feel it helps me connect with the divine and with an unshakable faith?

Ana Raquel – Numerologia & Reflexão
Potography by: @florescer.com.pt

We were entering the middle of the pandemic in the year 2020 and I had said goodbye to a stable job for someone else to fulfill a dream of going abroad, traveling and getting to know other places. The plan was to stay in some places and get work and support there, having saved and created an initial working capital. However, I feel that in a bigger plan there was a plan more aligned with me, which would radically change my path from then on.

So, since I was 18/19 years old, I have been passionate about the world of personal development, but the most recent training I had undertaken and that possibly moved me the most was training, precisely, in Pythagorean Numerology.

And, closed at home, due to the closing of the borders precisely on the day I was scheduled to move… I felt between a sword and a wall as they say. It was not easy to embrace acceptance because it is a very big dream to travel and see the world… but I knew that I needed to reconnect with my inner world and I needed, at that moment, to recognize its value by taking it for the benefit of of a service that I also always dreamed of.

So, I started my own project in a challenging phase. I feel like I didn’t have many more chances but I also choose to believe that I moved by taking a leap of faith and observing all the signs and communication of the divine.

And what a leap of faith it was worth!

It has been truly magical to serve the other because it is such a reciprocal service where I learn so much, I connect so much to love, union, sharing. 

And numerology reminds us of a divine alignment, since it is not a mere chance that we were born on a certain day, month and year, nor did we embrace the full name we have.

Photography by: @florescer.com.pt

Numerology is, therefore, a powerful and ancestral tool for self-knowledge and guidance and, therefore, I share 13 messages that it can leave us, so that you can feel them in your heart with the curiosity of your inner child but with the questioning and love of the Being that you are:

1. your individuality does matter 2. your emotions are very useful information on your path 3. your voice and creative power yearn to express and manifest through you 4. structure and action plans are welcome to manifest your potential 5. your freedom to be is the greatest freedom you can embrace, respecting the freedom of the other and embracing a mutual lightness, of a true community 6. quite possibly, we are all here to serve and care and that we can carry out this service from the inside out 7. our inner wisdom is one of our greatest guides and is accessible to each one of us, if we just want to listen, observe and trust 8. the power of abundance lives in us because we already represent abundance itself and we can lead by being an example 9. Unconditional love and compassion represent Man’s ultimate spiritual development and it is safe to let go, making room for the new, which longs to emerge, along our path. 10. free will is real and we have a great super power: the power of choice 11. duality is natural and contributes significantly to our learning and evolution 12. When we respect our individuality and unite with an open heart to the right people around us, the expansion of new paths is inevitable and magical 13. Liberation takes place when we let go of the bonds that came to us and arrive throughout life, with love and kindness

And, after an intense year of energy 5 present in this 2021, may we open ourselves to the transformation and change necessary for our paths towards greater harmony, especially interior. Recognizing that we will all be here for balanced cooperation and unity.

Ana Raquel Santos Personal Development Therapist / Reconnection Mentor Specialist in Human Numerology and House Numerology

— — —

We believe that it is because some people show such faith that they are able to generate healings, changes in the lives of others and in their own lives.

Many are the people who claim to have no faith, or are unable to accomplish anything by faith.

These people, as a rule, look for a context of faith as a magic trick that is performed with immediate desires, without understanding the connection with the Divine, especially conceiving Him, wrongly, as being separate from the universe.

This text that Ana Raquel wrote, in collaboration with our Blog, shows the context of what true faith is, the one that is inside each one to perform miracles for the simple fact of believing and being virtuous.

Sometimes, just because.

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