21 activities for Spring Time

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We are excited with the arrival of spring!

Although we do a fair amount of outdoor activities, there is nothing like spring time!

We can take off our coats, run without the “nose drop” and finally enjoy the good weather. And what better way to start the spring?!

Here are the best ideas for family fun to start enjoying this good time:

1 – Have a picnic. We love picnics, especially on the sunny days of this season.

2 – Throw a airy kite. We confess that we have never tried it, but we find this idea “super cool”, and besides, it is a relatively inexpensive idea that you can use several times.

3 – Jump into puddles of mud. This is going to be a mess, but it’s one of the funniest ideas to make. In the spring there is a day or two of rain, so enjoy it!

4 – Make a “Bird Feeder” The idea is to feed the birds of spring. Even if you are not very skillful, it is easy: just grab a bowl and put food available for the birds on the street, even water.

5 – Play the hopscotch Remember this game? It was endless hours to play. Just pick it up in chalk, mark the street or sidewalk, “et voilà”!

6 – Plant anything green If you have a backyard choose something that grows this season. If you do not have it, do a survey of community yards and gardens, and make your green plantation there.

7 – Take a walk through nature Enjoy and photograph all the flowers you see. Later research on them. Spring is a colorful season and is a great way to teach the children about colors and shapes. P.S .: if you like, lurk Sofia’s Instagram on some Sunday morning walks.

8 – Spring Treasure Hunt This treasure hunt is perfect to stay outdoors and find things in nature, for example: bird nests, ants, plants and fruits characteristic of the time.

9 – Make a Spring Sensorial Bin s with what you find: leaves, flowers, buckwheat …

10 – Play soccer Spring means kids want to play outside.

11 – Cycling Tour Don’t fall, cycling is a great activity to do these days.

12 – Visit the Zoo or a farm with animals

13 – Soap Balls Who never?! It’s one of our favorite activities! And you can also do this activity indoors, you know? Put some towels on the floor and have fun!

14 – Go directly to a playground Kids love it.

15 – Make your Strawberry Festival Strawberries are a typically spring fruit. Look for recipes with strawberries and go to the kitchen!

16 – On rainy days …go for a walk Put on your booties, put on the raincoat, open the umbrella and go outside.

17 – Go fishing Go to a river, lake or even the sea. This is undoubtedly a pleasant activity. And with luck you get lunch!

18 – Go to a local market … and buy local farmers’ products. They are cheaper and of superior quality!

19 – Read a book outdoors What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to take a book with you to the street? If you do not like reading, take a walk and take pictures. Photographs are always a great way to use the imagination, and then to tell a story.

20 – Open the door  and see the birds that you can find Blue gourds, goldfinches and partridges are the ones we find most here.

21 – Paper airplanes Do you know anyone who’s completely obsessed with paper airplanes? Make paper airplanes and climb to the clouds! Decorate them to give your personal touch.

What are your favorite Spring activities?

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